Mr. Matthew E. Hughes, Esq. and his team join Albers & Associates

Mr. Ross Albers, Albers & Associates

Albers & Associates, a Maryland Law Firm Headquartered in Carroll County, announced today the addition of Mr. Matthew E. Hughes, Esq, along with a new office in Fairfax, Virginia. Mr. Hughes has been leading an Employment & Family Law practice for several years.

Albers & Associates has been adding to a team of talented attorneys. Mr. Hughes has been named a Partner with Albers & Associates. Mr. Hughes has been practicing law since 2006. He began his career as an active duty member of the U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate General Corps. Mr. Hughes earned his Juris Doctor from Santa Clara University School of Law and his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from California State University, Stanislaus. He is a member of the state bars of Virginia, Maryland, and Utah (inactive). He is also admitted to practice before the Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Hughes, and his team will remain in the Fairfax, Virginia Office. According to Mr. Ross Albers, Managing Partner of Albers & Associates “We’re excited to have Matt join our Firm. This move helps us with two strategic initiatives; the addition of an Employment Law practice, and continued expansion of the Firm into Virginia.” He continues, “We’ve wanted to expand regionally for a number of years and it feels great to have people of Matt’s caliber join our team.”

According to Mr. Hughes, “I’m happy to share that beginning today I will be working with the team at Albers & Associates. As I got to know Ross and his team it became clear that we share a similar goal of providing effective, client-centered legal services.”

Mr. Albers adds, “Matt is among the most well-regarded lawyers in the area.” He continues, “Matt’s practice areas fit nicely with all of our Firm’s current practice areas. Through this move we’re able to serve more clients throughout the Region.”

“As I got to know Ross and his team it became clear that we share a similar goal of providing effective, client-centered legal services.”

- Mr. Matthew Hughes

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