Ten Improvable Areas

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Vision Know where you are going. What is your destination? Many of the professionals we meet give very little, or no thought to the future. It is important to have a 3-5 year vision that really excites and motivates you. Spend some time considering the legacy and reputation you desire, and what you want from your [...]

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Know the Purpose of Your Call

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“What’s the purpose of your call?” My team hears this question often. So do our clients. Knowing the clear purpose of your contact with a client or prospect is extremely important. In other words, you should know the result / outcome you desire. Every point of contact should have a clear purpose guiding the pre-call preparation, [...]

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Before Your Sales Call: Pre-Call Preparation

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You've been working your plan. You are generating qualified prospects, and you're setting appointments with those prospects to discuss the value your product or service has for them. So an appointment is set. A clear purpose for the appointment is agreed upon. And you're ready to go. Or are you? Don't slip up and overlook a [...]

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Power Prospecting

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Whether you're a sales professional, sales manager, or business owner, prospecting should be an important part of your plan. After all, getting in front of more qualified prospects is one method for increasing your sales. Qualified prospects are of enormous importance to your company or career. Here are some best practices for prospecting to help get [...]

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Q1 Is In The Books: Are You On Track?

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Remember those resolutions and goals you made at the beginning of the year? Yep, those resolutions. How are they going? Whether you set professional, or personal, goals back in January, now is a good time to revisit them. You're first Quarter of the year is over. How are you tracking with your goals? You're Killing It! [...]

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Master Your Sales Cycle

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Understanding your sales cycle is critically important to your overall business development strategy. When we talk with business owners, we often show a "Sales Funnel" image. Interestingly, about 25% of those owners we speak to, have not seen a Sales Funnel previously. And of those who are familiar; less than 5% actually track their sales cycle [...]

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