My team speaks with thousands of professionals. They have much in common; dreams, aspirations, hope, planning, and hard work.

They’re also afraid. Very afraid. Business owners, no matter their level of success are often afraid that “everything will collapse”. Sales people are afraid to pick up the phone. Professionals at all levels are afraid of the future, they’re afraid of mistakes, and have stress around their professional and financial security.

Staying committed to your vision, plan, and goals is difficult in the face of self doubt, fear, and the general bustle of your day. Big dreams are hard. They’re scary. Fear of failure creates doubt. So it is important to give yourself some tools to stay positive, committed, and confident.

Vision and Planning

You should know where you want to go, and have a solid plan to get there. Clarity of vision, and specific planning for execution aids in staying on track.

Test and Measure

Even the best laid plans go awry. Measuring your results helps to keep you positive, focused, and productive. Replicate systems or initiatives that work well. Discard the duds. Be courageous and attempt new methods or ideas. Knowing what works, with a certainty that comes from measuring, is key to maintaining a committed, and positive attitude.

Affirmations and Journals

If you’re not reciting affirmations or using a journal; add these arrows to your quiver. Key to confidence and commitment is working on your own mindset that may be derailing you on a regular basis. Repeated studies indicate that attitude and mindset play a crucial role in success. You must work daily to hone and improve your attitude/mindset. Don’t give in to fears, or poor habits. Use tools that help keep you on track.

Reading and “Audio University”

Develop your skills, attitude and mindset by reading books or articles from proven thought leaders. Or stream books through Audible or some similar service while in your car, working out, etc. Reading and listening not only helps you improve your mindset and skill-set, but will reinforce the other tactics you’re employing to stay focused and positive.