Your level of desire directly impacts your results.

We see this every day in client outcomes, and in the businesses that we investigate. In too many cases people allow thoughts of “impossible” to derail their opportunity for success. It is important to know, for a fact, that there is no “impossible”. Rather you can only be limited by yourself, and negative thoughts that will shake your belief in what you desire.

Here are two specific examples of people that didn’t allow the impossible to get in their way. These are small business owners – not mega corporations.

“I can’t afford to hire a ____________.”

We’ve seen beliefs like this time and again, across many businesses and industries. When one Medical Practice CEO followed their desire for expansion, money was tight. In spite of his fears, he knew that he must leverage the talents of many people in order to achieve what he desired. So he made his first hire. He planned, in great detail, what he needed first – and explained to his new employee their exact role and responsibility in the growing company. Today, less than two years later he has a team of Doctors, and support personnel. His business has doubled in size in each of the previous two years, and is on track to do so again in 2017. He has two locations, working on a third and is constantly recruiting and adding top talent to his team. His success is attributable to planning, strategy, and tactics for sure; but MOSTLY to his overwhelming desire to build his practice. His desire for results helped him overcome an all too common fear; being able to “afford” employees.

“Nothing happened after I met with __________.”

This is an every day occurrence. Maybe you didn’t do a great job in your meeting. Maybe the relationship needs time. Maybe the person in not ready to receive your message. Maybe a combination of these; or some other possibility. The point is, we often don’t get what we want the first time we ask. Worse, for some, is this obstacle derails their desire or will to win. But you can not allow that to happen. Building a Law Practice is difficult. Substantial competition exists from well established large firms, and also entrenched relationships between smaller firms and their best clients. So earning business proved extremely difficult for the Owner of a small law practice in it’s infancy a few years ago. Meeting after meeting produced no measurable result. Few new clients, and those few were mostly low paying. This Owner could have given up. She was well qualified to obtain a job with a prestigious law firm. But she did not give up. She took more meetings with referral sources and prospect companies. She tested. She measured. She learned, over time, the characteristics of the companies most likely to hire her Law Firm. She took more meetings, prioritizing her targeted prospects. Some hired her, others didn’t. She persevered. Four years later, this Law Firm is well respected in their specialized field. Has numerous premier clients (including some who left Large firms). The Owner is asked so serve on industry relevant Boards, give presentations on her area of Law and enjoys fantastic success. And still – she takes meetings. Refusing to be deterred. Refusing “no”. Refusing “Impossible”.

Your desire and belief will account for most of your success.

When you are able to persevere in the face of fears, rejection, limited funds, naysayers, and all of the other traps; you will be successful. Staying the course is difficult. Maintaining your confidence will be trying at many points. When your desire and determination outweigh “impossible”, only then can you achieve what you want in life.

Remind yourself today that whatever you want is possible. And determine to move your dream forward right away. Now. Stop reading and go make your dream happen.