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Our experience shows that the most common “dislike” of owning a business is “employees”. Many of the business owners we encounter report that their employees are not engaged, don’t care, are not driven, and make frequent mistakes.

Vital to the growth of any company, employees can also be the most challenging and scary undertaking of any firm; but especially the small to medium-sized businesses.  Bad hiring decisions do happen. However, we have seen that by implementing a few simple changes a firm can drastically improve employee engagement and performance.

JOIN US for a lunch and learn at The Montgomery Country Club where we’ll lay out the top employee strategies for you, how to implement them, and the pitfalls to avoid. You will learn how to:

  • Recruit and Hire the “Right” Team Members
  • On-Board Employees
  • Motivate Your Team Members – Engage Them In Your Success Plan
  • Hold Employees Accountable
  • Top Grade Under Performers

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HEAR what our clients have to say:


“David Kelly has helped me learn how to think like a business owner rather than an employee.
Having a coach that has built and run successful businesses is critical when staring your own business. I wish I had hired David and his team earlier!
I would have avoided a lot of mistakes, developed strategic relationships and made more money.”

–Ross Albers
The Law Office of Ross W. Albers, LLC

“After only one year, even as an established practice, David has been instrumental in helping our company grow by 40%. He is committed to our success and generous with his time and availability. He has a grass roots approach to connecting people in the community and experience and knowledge of a broad spectrum of businesses. I would highly recommend David for established business owners as well as start-ups looking to achieve their objectives. I only wish I had found him earlier.”

– Dr. Paul Ettlinger
Clinical Director Health Quest Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

“After working with David for approximately four months, I can say that my focus has improved and he has encouraged me to grow as a strategic business owner. I have no doubt that my progress to date would be less if not for his coaching. He also works with key members of my staff and those interactions have been invaluable. I highly recommend his services, and anticipate growing further with him further in the future.”

–Sarah Merritt, MD
Owner, Medical Director at Lifestream Health Center

“I found David to be excellent at identifying the things that were holding me back from developing my business and working with me to eliminate them. His expertise is undoubted, and he’s also great at holding me (and his other clients) accountable to the goals that we set. He’ll be a wonderful addition to your business.”

–Michael J. Lentz
Commercial and Fiduciary Litigator Concentrating on Advising and Protecting Businesses, Business Owners, and Fiduciaries

“I have an opportunity to join the rarified air of the top 2% of earners in my profession in only my fourth year of business, and third year with The Growth Solutions Team…. All while working fewer hours, hiring more employees and building a business and not a job. 

If you are looking for freedom from the grind and are open to listening to a true professional who can help you get to the next level quicker, listen to David. 

Words cannot express how David and his team changed my approach to my business and I am grateful. My only regret in dealing with David and the Growth Solutions Team is that I did not begin sooner.”

–Dr. Marc Gulitz D.C.
President, Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic