Health Quest adds three new Doctors to clinical team to expand capacity across the Baltimore metropolitan area.

OWINGS NILLS, MD (PRWEB) June 17, 2019

Ettlinger Paul

Dr. Paul Ettlinger, CEO, Health Quest

Health Quest Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, a leading provider of rehabilitative health care in the Baltimore area, today announced additions to their clinical team. Marcy Ettlinger, Health Quest’s Chief Operating Officer, stated “With this addition to our clinical staff, we’ll be able to serve the higher new patient trends we’re experiencing.” She continues, “These three new Doctors represent outstanding additions to the Health Quest team.”

Dr. Paul Ettlinger, CEO added “I’m always happy to see our clinical team expand. In my mind, expansion of our clinical team is a direct correlation to how well we care for our patients. When patients get well, and we give them an exceptional experience, they share our name and promote our business. This leads to more demand and helps us create more clinical positions; adding great docs and allowing us to assist even more patients in their recoveries.”

Health Quest’s three new Doctors are Dr. Velizar (Zary) Dell, DC in the Owings Mills clinic; Dr. Tricia Lehocky, DC in both the White Marsh and Lutherville clinics; and Dr. Kristen Williford, DC in the Federal Hill clinic. Learn about our newest team members, and our veteran clinicians in more depth by visiting the website

“These three new Doctors represent outstanding additions to the Health Quest team.”

– Ms. Marcy Ettlinger, COO - Health Quest

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