Making a “Not to Do” List

In order to achieve new results, you likely must make some changes in how you choose to spend your time.

Stop doing crap that doesn’t support your vision / goals. Delay or deny “work that doesn’t make money. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds, and the “work”. Remember your goal. Look at your plan daily. Follow the action items you laid down to achieve your goal.

Those action items MUST be the priority.

It’s easy to get derailed. You have habits around your professional life. Sadly, these habits are often detrimental to your results. It is critical to identify time wasters and guard against them. Make a “Not to do List” and post in in front of your desk or computer.

Here’s an exercise that will help. Keep a journal of how you spend your time during your professional day. You can write down every activity in a journal or, use an app like Office Time. Document exactly how you spend every minute of your day for a day or more. Once documented, look critically at each activity and the time associated with those activities. Value each activity on your list with real dollars and also look at items associated with achieving your goals.

Anything you find that doesn’t achieve your goals, or make you money should be looked upon critically. Can that task be denied? Can it be delayed? Can it be delegated? If so, put it on your “Not to do List”.

Focus on what achieves your goal and makes you money. Stop deluding yourself about the importance of low level “work”.