Remember those resolutions and goals you made at the beginning of the year?

Yep, those resolutions. How are they going? Whether you set professional, or personal, goals back in January, now is a good time to revisit them. You’re first Quarter of the year is over. How are you tracking with your goals?

You’re Killing It!
If you’ve already destroyed the goals you set, now is a good time to re-cast and re-focus. If you’ve far surpassed your goal, maybe it was too low. Challenge yourself over the remainder of the year. Set a higher bar, re-plan action items around your new higher target, and begin to execute and monitor progress just as you’ve been doing to this point. Pat yourself on the back, do a little dance, high-five your team, and get going on achieving even greater results.

You’re On Track!
Well done. Continue to challenge yourself, and take action daily. Make your plan for Q2, share it with your team, assign roles and responsibilities, and focus your efforts on those high priority items that have assisted you in accomplishing what you’ve set out to do. You’re 1/4 of the way through the year. There’s still plenty of time. Don’t get derailed. Guard against distractions and clutter. Delegate low value tasks and focus on doing what you, and ONLY YOU, can achieve in the advancement of your goals.

You’re Behind
Don’t beat yourself up or feel defeated. Maybe you set the bar too high. Or maybe you’ve been so busy on lower value tasks that you’ve had a difficult time tackling high priority action items. Whatever the cause, re-set your goals, plan high value action items, share your goals, and start taking action. Today. Not tomorrow, not next Monday, not after Easter… Today. Massive, determined, daily action. Be relentless. Commit to massive determined action for the next 30 days and then measure your result at that time. Falling short is not defeat. Rather, you should learn from the previous Quarter. If you avoid the same mistakes or pitfalls in the next 30-90 days, you’ll be on track.

Goals? What Goals? I was Hung Over When I Made Those
It’s relatively common place to ‘forget’ or ignore the goals and resolutions we made at the beginning of the year. If you’ve been ignoring whatever you set out to do, there are a couple of possible reasons. You’ve been drowned in busyness. If you’re just too busy to take action, take a long hard look at what you want to accomplish, and which activities will get you there. Review your goal daily. Use visualization and daily affirmations to change damaging habits that have prevented your from focusing on your goals. Read books (or listen to audio books) around positive mindset and accomplishment to help hold you accountable. Start NOW to take action every single day. Make a new habit of detailing 3-5 action items you will take every day and execute on them.

Another possible reason for ignoring a previously set goal, is that it wasn’t really a goal at all. In other words, you didn’t care one iota about accomplishing what you set out to do. Sure, it would’ve been ‘nice’, but you really have no overwhelming motivation to make it (whatever it is) happen. If this is the case, start over. Get in touch with what you truly care about. What do you have a deep, unending passion for achieving? Start there. Build your goals around things you care deeply about and then plan around how to achieve those goals. It sounds great to set goals that “everyone else thinks you should achieve” but if you don’t truly care about accomplishing those goals they will never materialize.