OUR TEAM: Careers

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

–Chris Grosser

This person will present a professional, confident, and positive impression of our company in the market. They should be able to make a quick connection and gather relevant information at every touch. High energy and focused intention on results will help them discern if a prospect is qualified to be a client. We also want them to be able to effectively communicate our value message to our target markets.


Growth Solutions Team has a unique opportunity for a charismatic, organized and results-focused individual. Our growing consulting and small-business advisory firm is looking to hire the right professional to be a point person between our executive team and our largest clients. This person must be confident in their ability to communicate and help execute on set initiatives in the strategic plan for these clients. The best candidate will be organized, able to prioritize tasks, and oversee as (10-12) accounts to help deliver desired outcomes. Successful candidates must be highly motivated, willing to take initiative, have a positive attitude, strong communication skills and exhibit a results-driven work ethic.