SERVICES: Small Business Advisory

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

–Peter F. Drucker

Get Back on Track with the Vision You Once Had for Your Business

Regain that perspective and become strategic in making your vision a reality. Learn the solutions that business executives all over the world use to develop a plan and put it in motion. Making the time one day a quarter to create a Plan, puts you back in control. It allows you to be the CEO of your firm, your career and your life. By becoming more focused and strategic you become more effective. Is now time to face reality, identify exactly where you want to take your business and map out a course of action to make it happen?

The Small Business Advisory is a coaching and accountability program delivered quarterly in which we provide the structure and tools necessary for you take a step back and see the “big picture.”

Growth Solutions Team’s Small Business Advisory Program provides you:

  • The structure to map out your vision, goals and a plan to achieve them
  • Content designed to further your knowledge and apply it immediately in your role as the leader in your organization
  • Interaction with fellow business leaders to share ideas and gain insight from their experiences
  • Real world, “Boots on the Ground” help from our Team to get your company where you want to go
  • Private, individual executive business coaching sessions to hold you accountable to your plan
  • Direction on how to leverage your resources
  • Strategies to seize opportunities and reach your untapped potential

Leadership development and coaching enables your company to grow and continue to effectively scale your company.

Get More Focus with Quarterly Business Executive Retreats

Every 90 days, you will remove yourself from the day to day of being “in” your business and come together with your peers in order to work “on” your business. Fewer distractions, a facilitated discussion, and a comfortable and confidential setting, allows you to create an actionable 90-day plan with other successful, goal-oriented business executives.

Below is a short list of topics covered in the Small Business Advisory Quarterly Retreats:

  • 90-Day Focusing Process
  • CEO Mindset
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Sales Module & Strategic Selling
  • Strategic Business Concepts
  • Acquisitions as a Growth Strategy
  • Performance Ranking Grid for your Teams
  • Corporate Vision
  • 5 Ways to Grow Your Business
  • Key Processes of Your Businesses
  • Accountability Strategic
  • Strategic HR
  • Know Your Numbers: The Basic Financials

These strategic “time-outs” have you take time to reflect on your accomplishments and set the direction for moving forward in a written plan. This Plan is an essential ingredient to achieving greater success.

Our team is available with the business acumen and experience to help guide you and overcome problems that arise in your company. Coaching strategies to provide support while holding you accountable and taking action on your plan.

Accountability is Key to your Success.

Individual meetings throughout the quarter to discuss the specifics of your plan, course correct and measure results keeps us plugged in to your work. We can strategize with you and provide ongoing contact with any member of our team in order to help you get the best results from the program.

This attention to detail, a personalized outlook and advice, leads to a more effective engagement and noticeable improvements in your business. Additional offerings are available to the Clients in the Small Business Advisory Program on an as-needed, basis.