“The manager accepts the status quo, the leader challenges it.”

–Warren Bennis

Resolve Financial Concern, Increase Profit!

Growth Solutions Team is proud to offer clients access to the Strategic CFO Group. This group of financial service professionals are available to help resolve the financial, operational and management issues facing you in the business. Based on solid principles, our financial service offerings are tailored to your company’s specific needs. Whether you are seeking financial consulting, in transition due to an acquisition or merger, or challenged with meeting fiscal goals–we can help.

Our Strategic CFO Services are designed to help identify immediate needs and increase profits, while utilizing strategic planning and fiscal expertise to help you take your business to the next level. Regardless of your industry, unique nature of your business or the challenges before you, the Strategic CFO Group of Growth Solutions Team is experienced and prepared to work with you. Armed with the correct information, you can feel confident in your decisions as a leader.

Quite simply, we can help you make sense of the numbers. Better information, means better decisions. Our list of comprehensive financial services include:

CFO Services

Providing executive level advice, direction and assistance to help your business achieve your goals. The scope for CFO Services can range from project-specific advice to the outsourcing of all CFO responsibilities, our staff will work with you to evaluate the level of support you need and develop a comprehensive plan for achieving the results you want.

Financial Reporting

One of our specialties is creating clear and concise reports that help you evaluate and assess your financial situation. Once you know where you stand, then you can make an action plan for continued growth and profitability.

Acquisition Management

If you are looking to expand via acquisition, our team can help you evaluate potential prospects and establish a tactical plan. Once a potential target is identified, we can help you navigate the process, determine the value and help negotiate the acquisition. Additionally, our team will help determine the revenue impact on the existing business, and set appropriate objectives and goals for the overall company expansion.

Post Purchase Integration

We help fiscally organize and integrate the acquired company into the existing corporate structure so that you can maximize your revenue potential, immediately.

Strategic Planning

An integrated strategic plan will set the stage for your organizational growth. We can strategize and lead your executive team through a process to align your organization and lay out a plan for future growth.

If you are uncertain about your current fiscal situation, the Strategic CFO Services Group of Growth Solutions Team is here to talk with you. Let us shed light on the state of your financials and help you reach your goals. Contact us today to for an introductory call and start to recognize your organization’s true potential.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

– Warren Buffett