Stop Being Realistic

“Realistic” comes up plenty in my world. I hear the word many times each week. But last week it seemed to be a theme. A negative theme.

When did people stop believing in themselves? In the power of the human spirit and their own personal power, ambition and drive? It’s sad, really. Too many people give up on what they really want because their desire does not seem “realistic”.

Applying the term realistic to your vision is certain death to achieving anything great. What is realistic, anyway?

  • Is it realistic that information is available in milliseconds through the power of the internet? – It certainly wasn’t just 25 years ago.
  • Chrome and Safari usurping Internet Explorer wasn’t very realistic.
  • Google controlling search? Nope – not realistic.
  • Retailers struggling or failing against e-commerce wasn’t realistic either. Heck, e-commerce wasn’t very realistic just a short time ago,
  • Space flight and manned space flight.

And on and on… Great strides are never realistic. Big dreams aren’t either. When you set out to determine what you want to accomplish – don’t be shackled by “realistic”. Your career can take off. Your business can become a market leader. Your brand absolutely can be recognized by the multitudes. It’s your job to figure out how to make those things happen. Don’t accept realistic. Don’t believe the naysayers. Avoid them. Surround yourself with your vision. Surround yourself with people that believe in you and your vision. Take action every day.

Dare to dream. Believe in you. If you don’t make your vision a reality nobody else will. And then, that vision becomes – at some point – “unrealistic”.

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