Crippling fears and limiting beliefs hold so many people back from achieving their dreams.We all have them. Every one of us. Your ability to deal with fears and negative beliefs will have a direct impact on your business and professional career.

Loving Negativism – Family and Friends

Colleagues, peers, friends, family, and even some advisers and mentors will barrage you with negative thoughts and reinforce your limiting beliefs. Well intentioned as their ‘advice’ may be, ideas that you can not succeed will damage your resolve and shake your focus. People that love us seem to have an overwhelming desire to ‘help’ by encouraging lower expectations, realism, or even outrage challenging our dreams – from a place of love, of course. It is important to deal with these people head on because we can not eliminate them from our lives – nor should we want to.

If you’re receiving negative messages from loved ones or close friends, you  must address the issue while maintaining your relationship. Does this mean you shouldn’t share your dreams and goals? No. You should share your dreams with loved ones. Just understand that because they love you, they don’t want to see you hurt, disappointed, or in pain. And that’s often the motivation behind their advice to you. So if you want to decrease or eliminate you’ll need to enlighten them on how you’d like to be supported. Set some boundaries. “Dad, here’s what I want to accomplish and I know you’ll have some thoughts on the matter to help. Because I value your support and your opinion, I really need you to focus your advice on what I must do to accomplish my goal. Please help me focus on positive; I need your support because I’ve got plenty of fears already.”

Negativity Everywhere

Outside of your loved ones, close friends you’ll get plenty of ‘help’ to derail your dreams. Co-workers, peers, casual acquaintances, and competitors can all reinforce our fears and limiting beliefs. Because you value relationships you should have a similar message to what you gave to your loved ones: focus on the positive. Many will do so and if you enlist them as accomplices to your success they can and will help you with support, positive suggestions, and accountability. But not everyone will honor your request for positive support. Be willing to distance yourself from negative people in this group. While relationships are, and should be, important to you;  if the other person can only deal in negativity you don’t need them.

Support You Need

Turn on the surround sound of support. Outside of the relationships you already possess, look for people who share similar dreams and goals. Surround yourself with other high achievers and build a community of support for one another. Achievement can be lonely. But it doesn’t have to be. Build a support network of other achievers.

Read, and listen to audio books to help maintain your positive mindset. A mindset of accomplishment, gratitude, support, and a mindset of ‘must do’. Use vision boards, write down your goals and post them. Keep what you desire in front of you at all times. Use positive self talk like affirmations and journaling to keep you on track and fight against the limiting beliefs and fears that can hold you back. You can not overuse these tools. With a wide world of doubt, fear, and negativity, you must routinely combat all that will creep into your mind. Every day, multiple times per day.

Plan and execute on what you desire. Planning, strategy, priorities, tactics, and action items are another method of surrounding yourself with accomplishment. When you have a plan, and have prioritized all that must be accomplished, your dreams get closer. They become credible. They happen for you.