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RESULTS: Testimonials

As a business owner, Mary Ettlinger knows that it can be challenging to anticipate the different needs that will arise as her business grows. She’s prepared for them thanks to the Growth Solutions Team, which has expanded its services as their clients like Health Quest Chiropractic & Physical Therapy have grown. Whether it’s helping with recruiting, human resources or providing a ‘global view’ of the company, this partnership helps her to work on her business, as well as in it.

Paul Ettlinger, CEO and Clinical Director of Health Quest Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, counts on the Growth Solutions Team to help him identify and achieve his personal and business goals. The team’s expertise in strategic growth, development, and managing employees is invaluable as he improves and expands his business.

Ross Albers, CEO of Albers & Associates, credits the Growth Solutions Team with teaching him what it means to be a business owner and how to define, and boldly achieve, more success than he had imagined.

Not only did the room of guests provide the managing Partner of Friedman, Framme and Thrush, PA provide good networking and connections, he also gained real insight. A reminder to reset your priorities as a business owner.

Jason Manger, Business Development for MoveDocs, is in a target-rich environment at GST Events. As a sponsor, he can meet new prospects and introduce his clients to their best referral sources. He says it best when he notes, “your guests will thank you!”

Managing Partner of Price Benowitz, LLP, Seth Price found it to be a very valuable use of his time. High energy, growth-focused attendees that want to explore options of working together. Concepts discussed remind leaders to work on their businesses were all reinforced and exemplified, here.

Building a firm from the ground up, Kate hired the Growth Solutions Team in the beginning. Now, 5 years later her firm is thriving and continuing to grow.